DR Index reports shortcomings in SMB backup and recovery operations...is this you?

Bring fit for business is imperative for all countries participating in a highly competitive global economy. For organizations around the world this means being able to continue to operate in the event of IT failure or major disaster, whether man-made or natural.

Three thousand global SMBs were surveyed. Despite universal complexities, there is no global standard for backup and DR.  This Acronis Disaster Recovery Index study demonstrates how countries across the globe have different confidence levels towards DR based on their culture, their adoption of new technology, faith in their backup procedures and level of executive buy-in. The study has identified that the attributes required for a business to have confidence in excelling at backup and DR are extremely varied.

However, there is just one point on which all countries agree: They all want a single backup and DR solution that can easily and reliably span the needs of their hybrid environment and provides ease in migration.

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  • The countries with the highest confidence that they can recover quickly also have boardroom buy-in and the highest level of controls and procedures with document polices for backup and DR operations?

The Global Index results are guaranteed to surprise you as you look at the confidence levels around the globe.


This study was designed to provide a global and regional perspective by country to help businesses understand what they are likely to be doing right and where they can improve. Find out how to prioritize the initiatives in your organization and see how they compare against best (and worst) backup and disaster recovery strategies.


The Acronis Global DR Index* is an annual barometer that provides a country-level ranking of backup and DR confidence levels and capabilities of businesses around the world. The aim of the Index is to give all businesses a clearer understanding of how their confidence and capabilities compare to those of their peers in other countries.  While attitudes and perceptions of confidence vary from one culture to another, the Index provides all businesses with a template of trends and strategies that should improve their backup and DR confidence and capabilities.

*The Index is based on a study commissioned by Acronis and conducted by the Ponemon Institute, an international research firm and respected think-tank on data protection trends.  The survey is based on responses from over 3,000 IT practitioners in Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. The index was conducted across a broad range of industries.

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