Security can no longer be considered a bolt-on feature to other services. In the 2020s, MSPs need rock-solid, total solutions that provide unparalleled security while also enabling users to go about their business.

Watch a webinar with Author and Managed Services Business Expert Karl W. Palachuk and Acronis Channel Chief Evangelist Amy Luby for an in-depth look at delivering a security solution that streamlines operations, increases productivity and builds an offering that’s secure by default.

In this live webinar, you’ll learn how to improve your productivity and deliver better services through:

• An expert overview of the current situation
• Details on how to address challenges so you can increase operational efficiency 
• Actionable insights on how you can improve productivity

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Karl W. Palachuk
Managed Services Business Expert, Small Biz Thoughts 

Amy Luby
Channel Chief Evangelist at Acronis

James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis

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