Learn how Acronis Cyber Protect improves your team’s productivity and company’s security posture

Watch a demo webinar with Acronis’ Sales Engineering team for an in-depth look into Acronis Cyber Protect, which integrates data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint management capabilities in one easy-to-use solution.

This tech demo and webinar will show more than the UI, setup, and capabilities. You’ll also see how a single, integrated solution:

• Improves your organization’s security posture against modern threats
• Enables you to deploy your limited IT resources more effectively
• Streamlines management and protection of your workloads and systems

Like most organizations, you’re facing increasing data volumes, greater infrastructure complexity, rising IT costs, and ever-changing, sophisticated cyberthreats. Traditional solutions aren’t designed to meet these threats: Backup without antimalware is vulnerable to modern attacks, while cybersecurity alone can’t help you recover from the inevitable successful attack.

A new approach is required and only Acronis Cyber Protect delivers all you need to meet your organization’s IT needs – keeping you protected and productive.

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Solutions Engineer

Josh has worked in the data protection space for the last 10 years with a focus on cloud-based platforms. Before joining Acronis, his posts included work with Azure cloud server management, data protection, network security, and disaster recovery.

Amy Luby
Channel Chief Evangelist at Acronis

James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis

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