Ransomware and new threats like the Java log4j vulnerability are driving up cyber insurance costs for both MSPs and their SMB clients, with premiums expected to rise by as much as 75% in 2022. MSPs need to reevaluate not only their own cyber liability policies, but whether they should require their clients to buy or increase their cyber insurance their policies. And both MSPs and clients should be taking further steps to decrease their cyber risk.


  • Overview of current cyberthreat landscape, with a focus on ransomware and the Java log4j vulnerability;
  • Discussion of cyber insurance from both the MSP and SMB client perspective;
  • Panel discussion: how MSPs should reevaluate their own and their clients’ cyber insurance needs, and how otherwise to mitigate cyber risk;
  • Live audience Q&A.
The 2022 universe of cyberthreats is driving up cyber insurance costs for both MSPs and their clients. With ransomware attacks evolving in frequency and sophistication, and billions of devices and services newly exposed to malware threats via Java’s log4j vulnerability, cyber insurance premiums are projected to increase as much as 75 per cent this year.

Watch this on-demand webinar, learn about the new realities of cyber insurance, and leave with a blueprint for balancing your investments in cyber risk reduction strategies from both an insurance and tech perspective.

Meet our Speakers

Erick Simpson
Technology Business and Channel Growth Expert
Erick Wilson
CISO, Bluefin Technology Group
James Slaby
Director Cyber Protection, Acronis

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