Ransomware is the most costly and destructive threat facing small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), and phishing is the most effective tactic used by ransomware gangs to breach their targets. That presents a huge opportunity for MSPs that recognize how best to fight this twin threat with integrated cyber protection services that curb phishing attacks and shut down ransomware incursions. It’s time to build your 2022 plan to beat the ransomware and phishing menace and win your clients’ love and loyalty.

In this webinar, our experts covered:

  • 2021 Cyberthreat landscape with a spotlight on new criminal tactics
  • Live ransomware attack in action
  • Strategy to prioritize threats and countermeasures for MSPs in ransomware and phishing
  • Tactics from a successful MSP owner who has already deployed this strategy
SMB clients will continue to struggle with the cost and downtime from ransomware attacks enabled by successful phishing attacks in 2022; but MSPs armed with the right mix of cybersecurity and data protection services can come to their rescue, and in the process, reap new revenues and steady renewals.

Watch this on-demand webinar and become your clients’ trusted champion in the battle against cybercrime.

Meet our Speakers

Dawn Wilson
CEO, Bluefin Technology Group
Erick Simpson
Technology Business and Channel Growth Expert
James Slaby
Director Cyber Protection, Acronis
Topher Tebow
Senior Malware Researcher, Acronis

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