Research shows again and again that email is the favorite entry point for criminal gangs mounting ransomware attacks, tech supply-chain breaches, and other incursions that cost businesses dearly in downtime and lost data. MSPs should sense an opportunity here to reinforce and upgrade their SMB clients’ defenses against email-borne attacks like spoofing, phishing and business email compromise. This is a win/win for the client and the provider: the business suffers fewer attacks, and the MSP operations team doesn’t have to mitigate and recover from attacks that don’t get past its advanced email defenses. Furthermore, MSPs can use advanced email security as the centerpiece of a higher tier of more profitable cyber protection services.

Join us at this virtual conference featuring Erick Simpson, one of the MSP channel’s best known and most trusted advisors, and veteran cybersecurity expert Candid Wüest, Acronis VP of Cyber Protection Research. In under an hour, they will update you on:

  • The current state of email cyberthreats and countermeasures in the era of cloud-based email
  • The whys and hows of advanced email security services for MSPs, including:
○ Typical cost factors in cloud email security services
○ Cost reduction strategies that lead to profitable services
○ Packaging / go-to-market, marketing and selling strategies


Erick Simpson
IT and Managed Services Business Improvement and Transformation Expert
Candid Wüest
VP of Cyber Protection Research Acronis
James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection Acronis

Why watch?

Faced with the prospect of cyberthreat-driven disaster, SMBs need to revisit their business continuity strategies, especially in light of newly affordable and manageable cloud disaster recovery (DR) services. Join veteran DR consultant Biren Jajal, DR program manager Kris Schulze, cybersecurity expert James Slaby, and senior network engineer Dylan Pollock from Hendrick Motorsports for a virtual event that will explore:

  • The latest cybercriminal threats and tactics that represent an urgent threat to SMBs
  • How cloud DR services can provide a cost-effective hedge against cyberattacks that could threaten a business’s viability
  • How an integrated approach to backup, cybersecurity and DR can yield huge returns in operating costs, risk reduction, ease of operation, uptime preservation, and the ability to effectively test incident response scenarios.