Noted researchers and experts in cybersecurity, data protection and performance coaching discuss:

  • The most pressing cyberthreats that businesses face in 2022
  • Why good IT operations and cybersecurity talent is so hard for SMBs to find
  • How to coach operations teams to focus on and prioritize tasks more effectively
  • Ways to use automation, integration and AI to supplement human tech skills and
  • Lessons learned for bridging the cyber protection talent gap.

You can watch our virtual conference on demand. Our conference features expert insights from:

  • Edward Amoroso, Founder and CEO, TAG Cyber
  • James Hewitt, Performance Scientist, Hintsa Performance
  • Jesus Escolar, CEO of Exelerys
  • James Slaby — Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis

Postpone that recruiting effort for a pricey cybersecurity hire, and learn how to empower your current talent do more with existing resources. Watch our virtual conference today!


Edward Amoroso
Founder and CEO, TAG Cyber
Jesus Escolar
CEO at Exelerys
James Hewitt
Performance Scientist for Hintsa
James Slaby
Director of Cyber Protection, Acronis
Jeff Hardy
Product Marketing Manager, Acronis

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