Learn how to easily thwart ransomware and other widespread cybercrimes – and profit

Studies show that 93% of companies currently using an MSP would consider moving to a new provider if they offered the “right” cybersecurity solution. Indeed, small businesses are known to have weaker cybersecurity solutions in place and service providers are having a difficult time selecting, integrating and implementing solutions to prevent attacks.

This illustrative, live webinar shares how high-value cyber protection services can enable you to protect customers and your business while differentiating your offerings. You’ll be armed with:

  • Compelling research about the threat landscape and the talent gap needed to combat it
  • Recent case studies, which illustrate the growing threat of supply-chain attacks on MSPs
  • Practical recommendations for building and bundling profitable, low-churn cyber protection
Ronan McCurtin
VP Northern Europe

Ryan Davis
Director of Enterprise Sales, Acronis

Ryan Davis brings over a decade of storage and data management experience to Acronis, leading its commercial field sales organization. Acronis’ enterprise sales team is focused on helping organizations improve their business continuity plans and reduce cyber exposure in historically difficult computing areas such as the edge, industrial automation, and R&D labs. Ryan began his sales career selling knives door to door and holds a BS in Sales & Business Marketing from Western Michigan University.

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Modern threats need advanced solutions.

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