The BYOD Survival Guide:
5 Tips for Practicing Safe Mobile File Access and Collaboration

Personal mobile devices have infiltrated organizations all over the world, enabling everyone to work from everywhere. It is safe to say that BYOD is real, and it is here to stay.

Are you part of the nearly 60 percent of businesses that do not have a mobile device policy in place? You could be putting sensitive and vital company data at risk.

Read the e-book: The BYOD Survival Guide to learn five key tips to practicing safe BYOD in the workplace. Learn how to:

  • Create a mobile device security policy
  • Stop making exceptions to your policy rules
  • Make “safe BYOD” everyone’s responsibility
  • Prepare for the coming of Apple
  • Understand the dangers of public clouds

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Read the BYOD Guide: "5 Tips for Practicing Safe Mobile File Access and Collaboration"