It’s the best deal in the history of hosting protection.

The hard work of managing and securing cloud and hosting infrastructure takes place behind the scenes. When everything goes right, no one notices. When something goes wrong, it’s a different story.

Acronis enables Hosting and Cloud Service Providers to deliver complete cyber protection solutions that protect your data, are profitable, and ready deploy across your networks and even in hyperscale clouds ─ as much as you need.

Your systems will be safer and your customers will experience lower cyber risks and be access solutions via deep integrations with the control panels and billing systems you use today ─ including cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin and WHMCS. Acronis Cyber Protection increases confidence and removes complexity – bringing it all together in a single pane of glass.

And now existing R1soft hosting customers like you can trade up to Acronis without sacrifice. Get a 100% credit for your unused R1soft licensing when you act now. It’s the best deal in the history of hosting protection.

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James Erby
Acronis Solutions Engineer

Having been with Acronis 6 years now, James Erby helps align the appropriate data protection & cyber security software to meet the needs of our partners’ environments. He is responsible for working with potential and current partners to demonstrate Acronis software and you will often find James regularly hosting product knowledge and technical training seminars. During non-Covid times, he's on the road educating people about Acronis software solutions
Stephen Nichols
Sr. Solutions Engineer at Acronis

Stephen is passionate about technology and innovation. During his career, he has held various roles in: Sales, Sales Engineering and Professional Services; with a focus on SaaS based solutions for multiple market segments and verticals. Primarily focused on technical engagements to discover and understand the partner requirements and provide solutions.

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