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In these challenging times, everyone needs a little help to ensure they are mentally fit, focused, and energized. To help, Acronis has assembled a panel of experts to share insights into how everyone can stay healthy, engaged, and productive through these difficult days.

Acronis Chief Cyber Officer and Chief Operating Officer Gaidar Magdanurov will be joined by James Hewitt performance scientist at Hintsa, racing cyclist, and author of the book “Exponential”. Based on his experiences James will discuss how automation, augmentation, and an aging population mean that human cognitive capabilities are an increasingly important differentiator at work. 

They will both be joined by the Founder of the CAREFORMANCE Group and Consultant Cerebral Trainer to ROKiT Venturi Racing Aurélie Lamy, who has a passion for neuroscience and will share how to improve your well-being and performance, by training your brain. 

All of the information provided in this webinar is for informational purposes only. It DOES NOT CONSTITUTE THE PROVIDING OF MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE and is not intended to be a substitute for independent professional psychological or psychiatric advice, diagnosis, or treatment.


Gaidar Magdanurov

Acronis Chief Cyber Officer and Chief Operating Officer 

James Hewitt
Performance Scientist at Hintsa
Aurélie Lamy
Founder of the CAREFORMANCE Group and Consultant Cerebral Trainer to ROKiT Venturi Racing

Why attend?

The State of IT Delivery: Cybersecurity Readiness Among MSPs

Given the ever-evolving threats to their clients, how ready are the MSPs charged with protecting small businesses? What obstacles do they face and how do they plan to meet them? In a first-of-its-kind survey, Omdia (formerly Ovum) conducted an industry survey on Acronis’ behalf to gauge the cybersecurity readiness of MSPs.

Join us as Omdia Distinguished Analyst Roy Illsley and Acronis IT Channel Chief Evangelist dive into the findings through the lens of real-world applicability – and discuss how MSPs can better prepare of the challenges ahead.