Register now to find out how other MSPs succeeded in trying times and how you can, too. Acronis has assembled an A-team of experienced technology, economic, and service provider professionals to share their knowledge. They’ve helped businesses through their ups and downs and know what it takes to get back to the ups. You won’t want to miss what they have to say.

From inflation, supply chain issues, to a possible recession, those who adopt the best practices of running a service provider business will grow and succeed no matter what the world throws at them.

In this invaluable webinar, you’ll learn what it takes to grow your business and thrive in these chaotic times, including topics like:

  • Using automation and AI to reduce support demand
  • Expending self-service restoration portals that allow end users to perform self-help
  • Bundling custom upsell packages to deliver value, increase revenue and improve client loyalty
  • Consolidating the chaos of multiple solutions
  • Communicating value to retain more of your hard-earned clients and revenue

Following the panel discussion, get your questions answered live during the LIVE Q&A session.

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Meet our Speakers

Erick Simpson
Technology Business and Channel Growth Expert
Amy Luby
Proven MSP Entrepreneur and Industry Leader
Stephen Nichols
Director, Solutions Engineering (NAM), Acronis
Jeff Hardy
Solutions Marketing Manager and Economics Expert, Acronis

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  • Hear industry experts explore the causes behind rising MSP insurance rates
  • See a live ransomware dissected by Acronis’ cybersecurity experts
  • Follow a roundtable discussion on how to manage cyber risk insurance costs and reduce the risk of supply chain attacks
  • Gain a strategy checklist that will help your MSP business