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Your Legacy Backup and Cybersecurity Isn’t Enough

Traditional IT solutions often forced you to choose between data protection and cybersecurity that was secure, easy to use, or affordable. But that’s no longer the case.

Join visionaries and experts from the worlds of tech, professional sports, manufacturing, and more to learn about the cutting-edge cyber protection solutions that industry leaders are using today to:

  • Deploy a complete yet affordable suite of cybersecurity and data protection services
  • Automatically detect, terminate, and recover from ransomware and other malware attacks
  • Leverage AI and machine learning to improve data, application and system security
  • Exploit the power of integration and automation in cyber protection to reduce costly downtime

Plus, get an inside look at Acronis Cyber Protect – the world’s most complete on-premises cyber protection solution – with an engineer-led demo of our latest technology and an exclusive invite to join the beta program.


Serguei Beloussov 
CEO and Founder of Acronis
Frank Dickson

Program Vice President, Cybersecurity Products at IDC

James Slaby

Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis
Christelle Heikkila

IT Director, Arsenal FC

Graeme Hackland

Williams Group CIO

Candid Wuest
VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis

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The State of IT Delivery: Cybersecurity Readiness Among MSPs

Given the ever-evolving threats to their clients, how ready are the MSPs charged with protecting small businesses? What obstacles do they face and how do they plan to meet them? In a first-of-its-kind survey, Omdia (formerly Ovum) conducted an industry survey on Acronis’ behalf to gauge the cybersecurity readiness of MSPs.

Join us as Omdia Distinguished Analyst Roy Illsley and Acronis IT Channel Chief Evangelist dive into the findings through the lens of real-world applicability – and discuss how MSPs can better prepare of the challenges ahead.