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A 10-question security assessment sample
Some of the key questions and best-practice answers needed to assess your cybersecurity posture.

The full assessment questionnaire
The full set of 50 assessment questions, organized and coded according to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

The full assessment questionnaire with best-practice answers
A cybersecurity professional has reviewed the Assessment Questionnaire and provided simple-to-understand background and answers on why the assessment question is important — and, in many cases, a related tip.

The assessment questionnaire in Microsoft Word format
Customize the assessment by removing and adding questions aligned with each unique environment.

On-Demand Recording: Radically Simplifying Cybersecurity Engagement
Watch (and re-watch!) the questionnaire author provide guidance on using the materials to generate leads and start a conversation with prospects and clients.



Service providers and IT professionals need to help organizations understand their cybersecurity posture and their level of vulnerability and risk. Full security audit projects are costly, time-consuming, often use out-of-date tools and concepts — yet some fundamental truths remain. That’s where the NIST Cybersecurity Framework comes in.

To facilitate your ability to make a security assessment of potential clients during the sales process, or an assessment of existing clients, we have created a security assessment questionnaire. The questions are worded in simple language and are organized and coded according to the categories of the NIST framework: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover. We believe these questions and the findings you will uncover will provide your team with insight into the organizations’ cybersecurity program and posture.