Acronis sets the standard with its Cyber Protect, Cyber Backup, Cyber Disaster Recovery, Cyber Notary und Cyber Files solutions. Delivering easy, complete and affordable Cyber Protection across any environment — virtual, physical, cloud and mobile.

This online training allows participants to learn all product functionality in the cloud. It features new generation backup in the cloud from installing and configuring Acronis software solutions for your private company use, to offering multi-tier, multi-tenant backup services using Acronis software as a service solutions, and all tips, workarounds and best practices.

From the comfort of your desk!

The newly updated Acronis #CyberFit Engineer training runs as 3 separate seminars and each seminar is 6 hours long.


Once the seminars have been completed, you will have the option to take the below certification exams:

  • Acronis #CyberFit Cloud Tech Foundation
  • Acronis #CyberFit Cloud Tech Associate Backup
  • Acronis #CyberFit Cloud Tech Associate Disaster Recovery
  • Acronis #CyberFit Cloud Tech Associate Cyber Protect

Each certification exam contains 20 questions in English. You are free to take the test at any time within one week after the webinar and to use all available resources such as the presentation, online search, etc..

Once you have passed the exam, Acronis will confirm your status as an Acronis #CyberFit Engineer and issue you a badge with your certification(s), which you can use on your company website or in your email signature.


Markus Bauer
Acronis Partner Technology Evangelist

Ryan Davis
Director of Enterprise Sales, Acronis

Ryan Davis brings over a decade of storage and data management experience to Acronis, leading its commercial field sales organization. Acronis’ enterprise sales team is focused on helping organizations improve their business continuity plans and reduce cyber exposure in historically difficult computing areas such as the edge, industrial automation, and R&D labs. Ryan began his sales career selling knives door to door and holds a BS in Sales & Business Marketing from Western Michigan University.

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Modern threats need advanced solutions.

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