Acronis understands that managing IT business continuity is becoming increasingly complex in today’s digital era. Maintaining business continuity remains critical to maximizing revenues and ensuring your brand reputation remains intact. Cloud services have begun to emerge as the next generation platform enabling the most effective backup and disaster recovery services.

During this insightful session, our panelists from Acronis, Forrester Research and Austin Ventures:

Hear from our panel of Industry Leaders
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Trusted by over 300,000 businesses and 5 million individual users

Discussed and analyze key trends and business drivers
Explored the challenges facing IT professionals in regards to business continuity and disaster recovery
Relayed best practices and experiences managing business continuity using cloud services
Reviewed potential solutions

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Guest speaker, Stephanie Balaouras, VP and Research Director, Security & Risk, Forrester Research

Mark Jameson, Vice President of Disaster Recovery Solutions, Acronis

Guest speaker, David Benton, VP Technology, Austin Ventures