Acronis offers a great range of cyber protection solutions including Anti-virus, Patch Management, Backup, Disaster Recovery, Storage and File Sync and Share.

This 90-minute course is designed to advise sales professionals on Acronis patented cyber protection technologies, about the value propositions and positioning of all major Acronis product lines, as well as available licensing models, major sales opportunities, support options and main benefits of partnership with Acronis.

This entry-level sales course is designed for MSP/SP/CSP representatives in a sales or marketing role.

Meet your instructors

Jon McCarrick
Partner Technology Evangelist

Steve Brining

Partner Technology Evangelist - Cyber Protect

Mark Hammer

Bilingual Technology Evangelist

Why attend?

The State of IT Delivery: Cybersecurity Readiness Among MSPs

Given the ever-evolving threats to their clients, how ready are the MSPs charged with protecting small businesses? What obstacles do they face and how do they plan to meet them? In a first-of-its-kind survey, Omdia (formerly Ovum) conducted an industry survey on Acronis’ behalf to gauge the cybersecurity readiness of MSPs.

Join us as Omdia Distinguished Analyst Roy Illsley and Acronis IT Channel Chief Evangelist dive into the findings through the lens of real-world applicability – and discuss how MSPs can better prepare of the challenges ahead.