Ransomware remains the world’s most costly and destructive malware threat to business, and should sit atop every IT manager’s cybersecurity priorities list. To build a robust ransomware defense, it helps to know your enemy from the inside, to see the mechanics of an attack in real time. This virtual event features a live demonstration of an actual ransomware attack in progress. Next, a panel of veteran cybersecurity experts digs into the latest ransomware strains, analyzes tactics to detect, terminate and recover from ransomware attacks, and builds a checklist you can use as the foundation of your own comprehensive ransomware prevention plan.

Those experts include Graham Cluley, noted cybercrime authority and host of the wildly popular Smashing Security podcast, Dylan Pollock, Senior Network Engineer, Hendrick Motorsports, Candid Wüest, VP of Cyber Protection Research at Acronis, and Topher Tebow, Senior Cybersecurity Researcher at Acronis.

Meet our Speakers
Hear from Thought Leaders including

Graham Cluley
Cybercrime Expert and Host of the Smashing Security Podcast

Candid Wuest
VP of Cyber Protection Research, Acronis

Topher Tebow

Senior Cybersecurity Researcher, Acronis