MSPs know their customers are desperate for help in defending themselves against cybersecurity attacks. But if you don’t yet have a cybersecurity offering, how do you go about building one? What’s the right price point for an offer that will sell *and* deliver good margins? What’s the right bundle of services? How do you go about marketing and selling it?

Attend this timely webinar featuring famed MSP entrepreneurs and channel advisors Erick Simpson and Acronis' Amy Luby as they guide Cramer Snuggs (founder of South Carolina-based MSP Cascade Technologies) through a 30-day process for building a winning cybersecurity service offering.

In this one-hour session, you’ll learn the ABCs of creating an attractive, profitable cybersecurity services package, including how to:

  • Choose a pricing model to hit the margin sweet spot
  • Select the right array of cybersecurity services
  • Package your new services as a standalone or upsell offer
  • Prospect for promising leads
  • Craft a winning sales pitch
View this recording and learn how to launch your own successful offering in the cybersecurity services business today.
IT and Managed Services Business
Improvement and Transformation Expert

Amy Luby
Channel Chief Evangelist at Acronis

Cramer Snuggs
Founder Cascade Technologies

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